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Intelligent Fast Ethernet Fiber Converter shasiss


AAC MA830AC is an intelligent 10/100M adaptive fast Ethernet fiber converter (also called optical-to-electrical medium converter). With its unique “link failure alert” function at both optical and electrical ends, this fast Ethernet fiber converter can completely replace the fiber converter of Network Management System (NMS) type and greatly reduce system cost.

MA830A can conduct mutual conversion between 10Base-T/100Base-TX twisted pair electrical signals and 100Base-FX optical signals. This fiber converter extends the transmission distance of a network from 100m over copper wires to 120 Km, and uses two network transmission technologies (that is, storing & forwarding mode of the second data link layer and the straight-through mode of the first physical layer) to implement data transmission the optical and electrical network connection media. MA830A fiber converter supports transmission in dual-fiber multi-mode, dual-fiber single-mode and single-fiber single-mode fibers.


10-100 Mbps adaptive, for the convenience of network upgrading;

Efficient builtin switching core, to implement flow control and reduce broadcast packets;

Supporting full-duplex and half-duplex transmission modes and capable of automatic negotiation;

Supporting automatic crossing of twisted pair ports, for the convenience of system debugging and installation;

Supporting Link Failure Alert (LFA);

Supporting FX half-duplex/full-duplex and link failure alert switch selection;

Supporting switch selection of 10/100 Mbps storing & forwarding or 100Mbps straight-through transmission mode (unique);

Supporting low-delay transmission;

Supporting the transmission of extra-long packets (with the maximum length of 1600 bytes);

Supporting the transmission of extra-long packets over VLAN;

Supporting Quality of Service (QoS) and ensuring transmission of VoIP packets;

Supporting Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) to form a redundant network;

Extremely low power consumption (less than 2W), low heat dissipation and capable of stable operation for a long period of time;

Supporting the selection of multiple types of fiber ports such as dual-fiber multi-mode, dual-fiber single-mode and single-fiber single-mode, to satisfy the extended requirements of users.


10/100Mbps fast optical Ethernet long-distance transmission network


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